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Tears Of Veeshan Raid Progression
Accursed Sanctum (Cleared)

Fabled Laboratory Of Lord Vyemm (Cleared)

Fabled Djinn Master's Prism (Cleared)

Fabled Deathtoll
Yitzik The Hurler
Amorphous Drake
Cruor Alluvium
Tarinax The Destroyer

Temple Of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice
Rarthek The Swiftclaw
Derig Cinderaxe
Aerakyn Commanders
Jardin The Conqueror
Andreis The Culler
Pyrelord The Controller
Consumer Of Bone

Arena Of The Gods
Tunare (+Contested)
Mithaniel Marr
Rodect Nife
Sullon Zek
Tallon Zek (+ Contested)
Vallon Zek
Solusek Ro (+Contested)
Highest Raid Parse

Highest Raid Parse
Uustalastus Xiterrax - [02:06] (2/1/14) (X4)

Total: 54,109,240 Ext DPS

Parses Of Encounter

Garghas - Warlock - 6,195,581 Ext DPS
Miravalles - Conjuror - 5,511,617 Ext DPS
Ayanor - Assassin - 4,717,754 Ext DPS
Ceran - Dirge - 3,903,467 Ext DPS
Ojomi - Necromancer - 3,246,092 Ext DPS
Kiawk - Assassin - 3,075,400 Ext DPS
Pelee - Illusionist - 2,982,585 Ext DPS
Botch - Brigand - 2,977,448 Ext DPS
Jammin - Dirge - 2,836,469 Ext DPS
Silzin - Monk - 2,636,273 Ext DPS
Gullveig - Conjuror - 2,627,941 Ext DPS
Brienae - Troubador - 2,454,090 Ext DPS
Siaa - Coercer - 1,957,303 Ext DPS
Aleczm - Coercer - 1,797,503 Ext DPS
Edrickx - Paladin - 1,625,391 Ext DPS
Xiongshou - Assassin - 1,606,091 Ext DPS
Kazgore - Guardian - 1,064,744 Ext DPS
Suedoenimm - Mystic - 735,237 Ext DPS
Mnemosoleil - Warden - 703,728 Ext DPS
Rastar - Warden - 581,831 Ext DPS
Dreamy - Mystic - 390,994 Ext DPS
Gimpee - Templar - 226,215 Ext DPS
Pretti - Defiler - 139,763 Ext DPS
Karoh - Templar - 115,709 Ext DPS


Welcome to Revelations!

Revelations is a guild comprised of players interested in improving and testing the skills of their in-game characters. We support and encourage all play styles, from Adventurers (Solo, Group, Raid) to Crafters (Solo, Group, Sales) and beyond, and we are always interested in new players.

We are a friendly guild that assists one another in quests, instances, crafting and character improvement. We do joke around and some humor can be a bit coarse, but we do keep a basic unspoken standard of conduct.

As a raid force we are "Moderate", we raid on a casual schedule but work to get as far as we can in the time that we have. We do push one another to get all our raiders to play at their full potential. Some raids we will be working one mob for most or all of our raid time, where other raids we will clear content easily. Ultimately we want to see as much of the game as we can without making it a second job. 

We Currently Raid:

Tuesday, Friday And Saturday 7:30 PM EST

If you are interested in joining our guild or raid force please check the "Recruitment" section of our forums for information on our requirements, rules and applications. If you have any questions please feel free to send Siaa, Edrickx or Pretti an in-game tell or mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Revelations is currently recruiting the following:
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Berserker (1)
Guardian (1)
Coercer (1)
Conjuror (1)
Illusionist (1)
Necromancer (1)
Warlock (1)
Wizard (1)
Brigand (1)
Dirge (1)
Swashbuckler (1)
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